Know What's In Your Cake

Sep 01 , 2021

Know What's In Your Cake

Here at Carasmatic Creations, we make what my grandmother would call "scratch cakes". The key difference between made from scratch and store-bought cake is that scratch cakes begin with basic, identifiable ingredients like butter, eggs, sugar, salt, baking soda or powder etc. Most importantly, scratch cakes should not contain the additive, propylene glycol (PG) which is an additive used to maintain moisture and flavor quality for longer periods of time to stabilize prepared foods and extend its shelf life. Propylene glycol may also be found in flavorings and color gels used to color icings and buttercreams.

Carasmatic Creations Products are PG free unless there is a request for coloring in the icings and buttercreams or if there is a special flavoring request where a PG free flavoring option cannot be found. Our ultimate goal here at Carasmatic Creations is to provide our customers with the healthiest sweet treat options on the planet and we are constantly looking for healthier products and ingredients for our baked goods. That's why our motto is still the same and is the reason we started this business and that is to provide customers with the opportunity to "EAT REAL CAKE" by providing product delivery and shipping right to your doorstep. #eatrealcake #sumterweddings #sumterbakery #madefromscratch #celebrationconcierge #weddingconcierge #carasmaticcreations #onamissionforchildren #weddingcakes #birthdaycakes

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